Our Team


Jessica Jean


Jessica discovered her insatiable lust for the ocean when she was 13 years old on a trip to San Diego, CA. Her passion and dedication to the underwater world uprooted her from the suburbs of Chicago to Florida where she pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology. She spent two years in traditional education as a high school marine science teacher. The more involved she became in the marine community, the more she recognized the desperate need for marine conservation education. This called her to action to share her vision with a bigger audience. By sharing the story of passionate individuals and entities who work together to save the ocean and the life within, Jessica hopes to inspire others to become a part of the effort to protect these valuable natural resources.

Justin Dalaba

Cofounder and Videographer

Justin grew up far from the ocean, but always found himself drawn to it. Scanning pages from Sylvia Earle’s “Wild Ocean” was his closest connection to the magnificent blue world. After family trips to the marbled coast of Maine and the colorful reefs of the Caribbean, he knew he was destined to protect marine ecosystems. He went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology, which led him to all corners of the United States and new hemispheres working with wildlife. Along the way, his camera became a vehicle for sharing a conservation message with others. He now works in South Florida as a science communicator and advocate for marine and wetland ecosystems. Behind the camera and in schools, he hopes to connect the public with ongoing conservation efforts and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards.



Freddy York


Freddy is a proud veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, with a professional background in sales. He previously attended Jacksonville State University and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor’s program at the Miami International University of Art and Design where he is working towards a degree in Digital Film Making and Video Production. Freddy specializes in outdoor videography, cinematography, and aerial video and photographs. In the future he aspires to produce original outdoor and fishing content for his own platforms.