Be the Sealution was born out of a simple realization: lack of awareness about marine conservation.


At a turning point in her career, Jessica Jean left the traditional education path as a high school marine science teacher to share her message with a bigger audience. The work of marine conservationists and her personable nature inspired her to start the YouTube series: Blue Vision.

This would become her living classroom to take students into the field with leading marine conservationists and each episode exposes her students to pressing conservation issues and organizations on the forefront of the fight.

Jessica recognized that facilitating change for the future of tomorrow is a full-time job. Thus, the small idea of a YouTube-based video series expanded into Be the Sealution.

The scope of the organization required more resources. Justin Dalaba joined as a full partner, bringing his experience in visual storytelling and passion for conservation. These two skills naturally aligned with the mission of Be the Sealution. Through the Blue Vision video series, he invites all audiences to experience marine conservation first-hand, in a way that changed his mind early on.

BTS offers an online video series (Blue Vision), accessible to anyone anywhere, as well as community outreach and simple solutions in everyday life to promote ocean-friendly living. In addition, each product sold through Be the Sealution is designed to make a small change, not only for the improvement of your life, but for the ocean too.

Together, Jessica and Justin seek to change the outlook for marine conservation at a time when the fate of our ocean seems grim. By changing the way we treat the planet today, future generations will be born into a culture where protecting the oceans is what people do every day.