Shopping Secondhand Saves Your Wallet and the Planet

It’s 2019, times are changing and so are we. Today, environmental awareness is increasing and individuals are becoming more conscious about their impact. What most people don’t know is that one of their biggest impacts is actually coming from their bedroom, more specifically, their closet. You may have heard the claim that the fashion industry is the 2nd biggest polluter in the world, right after the oil industry. While there is some debate on the truth of this statement, a study done in 2018 found that a whopping 8% of the worlds carbon emissions are a product of the clothing industry.

The largest contributor to this statistic is ‘fast fashion’. Not only does this sub-industry support unsafe working conditions, extremely low wages, and child labor, it also supports the wasteful practice of burning clothing that did not sell in season rather than donating it. In the case of fast fashion, it isn’t just the production of new shoes and apparel, but also the burning of perfectly good clothes, that emits additional greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere making their impact unnecessarily high.

Over time your clothes may get worn, outgrown, or just simply never worn anymore. The upshot is that there are solutions to change your wardrobe without supporting unsustainable industries.

  1. Support environmentally friendly clothing lines - today there are companies creating clothing out of organic cotton, recycled fabric, and even recycled plastic!

  2. Swap old clothing - check in your local area to see if there is an upcoming swap event or consider hosting one yourself! You can even swap clothes on a smaller scale with friends.

  3. Save yourself some MONEY and shop second hand - This is my favorite option and i’ll show you why below…

In honor of second hand wardrobe day, I gave myself a $20 limit and headed to a local thrift store, SecondHand Goddess, to see what i could score.


Beach Day

Thrift stores don’t cater to just one type of style, there are all kinds fo clothes to browse through. I saw lots of great options and styles, but this dress was definitely my favorite purchase that day, for only $3.

drink wine1.jpg

Quiet Night In

For those long days and longed-for glorious evenings. Every once in a while I need a “me” night. A bottle of wine and Netflix is my savior and sweet spot. The perfect $3 shirt for the occasion pair with a comfy pair of leggings.

grey shirt.jpg

An Evening Out

Found the perfect top for an evening walk downtown or hanging out with friends. I paired this $3 top with a one of my three pairs of jeans and shoes I bought for teaching 4 years ago.


Casual Wear

I didn’t find this shirt…it found me. A simple comfortable t-shirt ready for any casual occasion. That occasion may be lounging around the house or a weekend afternoon bike ride. This $3 find will get a lot of mileage around here!


Any occasion

My favorite thing about plaid shirts is their versatility. I paired mine with a white tank and jeans, but it can dressed up or down to fit any style or mood. This $3 shirt made for a relaxed laid-back look today and may end up tied around my waist for a cute new look tomorrow.

I only spent $15 of my $20 and left with 4 tops and 1 dress. That’s 5x more articles of clothing than I would traditionally be able to buy new!

Happy SecondHand Wardrobe day!

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